Zoë Sluijs

Zoë Sluijs


I am a lens-based visual artist. With my iterative approach I investigate what it means to be human and how we relate to nature, each other and ourselves. I analyse my own behavior, but often also look at what we have in common as mankind. The way in which I build a set and make compositions can be compared to a performance in which every action, inside and outside the frame of the camera, influences the end result. The playful and intuitive way in which I work is necessary for me. I am convinced that by interacting with the world around me in this way, I establish a relationship with my environment and thus my work responds to its time and place. Some people have faith or religion that clarifies life’s purpose, for me analysing and trying to understand life using photography serves as a form of meaning. Photos in which I do not intervene also become part of my stories. The series of images that result from this are neither fully documentary nor completely fictional. Combining reality and fiction creates the opportunity to perceive the world around us in an infinite number of different ways. I also question the use of the medium photography by combining the two. This is further emphasised when I use photoshop to add a layer of surrealism to my images.

  1. June 2020- Graduated bachelor Photography/Film at AKV sint-Joost
  2. March 2019 – Finished internship at Annegien van Doorn
  3. Augustus 2018 – Minor (BA) Photography at Leeds Art University UK
  4. March 2016 – Pixel Palace HKU (prior education, certificate)
  1. February 2020 – Docfeed at Lab-1, Eindhoven
  2. September 2019 – Unseen Bookmarket, Amsterdam
  3. September 2019 – Peers, Amsterdam
  4. January 2019 – fotoasiel, Breda
  5. January 2018 – Bring your own beamer, cultuurnacht Breda
  6. September 2017 – Life Art Breda, Kunsthuis Breda
  7. June 2016 – B*There Festival, s’ Hertogenbosch
  8. April 2016 – Bosch Open Expo, Kunsthuis Boschveld s’ Hertogenbosch
  9. September 2015 – Expo Artibosch (audience price), s’ Hertogenbosch
  10. October 2015 – B*There Festival, s’ Hertogenbosch

For all enquiries please contact via email at zoesluijs@hotmail.com

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