Zoë Sluijs



Zoë Sluijs is a contemporary photographer from the Netherlands. She is fascinated by truth and reality, looking at different ways of finding answers to understand the world. Working on the blurred line between documentary and fiction creates opportunity for visual freedom.


  • August -2018               Minor (BA) Photography at Leeds Art University UK
  • September -2016          Approved at AKV Sint-Joost
  • March -2016                 Pixel palace HKU (Prior education, certificate)
  • January -2019               Fotoasiel, Breda
  • January -2018                Bring Your Own Beamer, Cultuurnacht Breda
  • September -2017           Life Art Breda, Kunsthuis van AKV Sint-Joost, Breda
  • September -2017           Kunstfestival Artibosch, Den Bosch
  • September -2016           Kunstfestival Artibosch, Den Bosch
  • June -2016                      B*There Festival, Den Bosch
  • March/April -2016         Bosch open expo, Kunsthuis Boschveld, Den Bosch
  • September -2015           Photography Expo Chaos Artibosch, Den Bosch (audience price)
  • October -2015                B*There Festival, Den Bosch

For all enquiries please contact via email at zoesluijs@hotmail.com

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